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All workshops are tailored; just like in band we adjust to the crowd and individual needs in regards to focus and length. Sessions last from 3hrs to full work days and series can be adapted in length as well.


Spiders And Stardust

Re-train, re-wire and re-create our relationship to company jargon which seeps into the consumer field reducing sales. A deep dive into cognitive biases show how perceived communication many times leads to an entangled web of misunderstanding that reduces focus and creates confusion. This series teaches IDEA 

INTENTIONALITY,  DISRUPTION, EXPANSION, APPLICATION as a positive force in creating a new reality where words are empowered with new meaning to increase communication, sales and employee retention. 



Light Side of the Moon 

A series to tap into the power of AWE. This mindful approach recreates our relationship to our everyday space creating value. By embracing value, workers productivity increases through appreciation of their job, their contribution to the collective and reduce feelings of inadequacy which leads to stress, lack of purpose and waste of time and business resources. By creating individual corporate AWE PROJECTS morale is boosted, turnover is reduced, and improvements to company and employee health are ignited.


Rattle and Roll - CCP 


Everyone dreams of being a RockStar but what does that really mean? It's easy to have your voice compromised in your daily life. How do you deal with perceived failure? What roles in your life have you created? What compromises have you allowed to overtake your life? What are your coping mechanisms and are they just a band-aid? Radical change comes from embracing CCP      CURIOSITY, COURAGE, and PLAY. 


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