The thought revolution can be traced through several movements teaching us value, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. Are you ready for the next step?

Be AWE(some)!!! 

The study of AWE has only been investigated over the last 15 years but AWE and the communication of this experience is as old as creation and the first cave drawings. Why do we seek to be empowered? To marvel? To be connected to groups and nature?


To reassure us of our potential, worth and AWEsomeness! 

With this in mind Marita and Rose teamed up to join their two projects Rockstar School and the Daily Awe Project. With over 30 collective years between them as entrepreneurs and also working within corporate structures they have been able to experience the everyday challenges that exist in managing, communicating, marketing, and selling ideas, experiences and goods to a vast array of people and consumers.


The Path of IX

Marita Esteva is the creator of Rockstar School and the founder of THE PATH OF IX  where she works both with individuals and corporations as a trained Shaman.

Corporate Shamanism

In the corporate world Marita has worn many hats and names: "the fixer", "the futurist", the "shaman". Why? Because she approaches business as a whole being including the people, the business numbers, and the overall system; all make up the soul of a business. She has coached, counseled and trained hundreds of people from sales and marketing teams, to entrepreneurs in her varying roles raising revenues and creating leaders. 

“Corporate Shamanism re-humanizes business, focuses on the people who use a product or services, and uses a scientific approach to achieving a visionary result.”



Corporate Shamanism, Memphis Daily News

Rose Esteva de la Torre

Love Bi Design


Rose Esteva de la Torre is the founder of  LoveBiDesign and the creative energy behind the Daily Awe Project.


Rose has background in facilitation and crisis response and has been coaching, counseling and mentoring for over 10 years. She has training in authentic relating, design and systems thinking, implementation science, and communication as well as expertise in multiple forms of trauma. She has applied her integrated studies into curriculum development for implementation of project based teaching training leading and learning.

Known as the storyteller Rose brings her vast background including art, multimedia, advocacy and experiences into her practice and connects with both groups and individuals where her vulnerability allows others to be authentic.

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