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The Vision of Rockstar-School came to me a few years ago and it has taken many forms as it has matriculated into the current iteration. I wanted to create a space under the umbrella of The Path of IX that was a bridge from the earth to the heavens, to help star seeds and humans come together and help heal the collective by training the next generation of Warriors of the Rainbow.

Classes are offered throughout the year and topics include things like how to build relationships from the mineral kingdom, sacred geometry, and Rainbow Medicina. Class are offered online and LIVE, are are taught in a 1st nation way where a platica and shamanic journey are always offered. 

All classes have been approved to be shared to the general public from the elders and teachers from whom they have been learned from. Teachings are over 2,000 years old and come from a blend of Curanderismo, Apache, Lakota, Hopi, Mayan, and Toltec of which we have been trained in.

Proceeds of classes go to Pachamama and the work we are doing @cuatromanosycincovolcanesfarms as well as a portion goes back to our teachers.

-  One Who Catches Lightning Keeper of the Thunderstone

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