To empower businesses and their employees in the creation of a cultural revolution within their corporate structures by redefining value through the lens of AWE.

By connecting to the feeling of everyday AWE we tap into the unlimited creative potential of every individual and their business .  Through advocacy, data research, and science we inspire businesses to invest in their employees well-being. Rockstar School gives us the power to blanket humanity with a nod of reassurance that we are all Rockstars.



"Inducing goosebumps and dropped jaws, awe experiences are remarkable in their own right. Moreover, a growing body of research suggests that experiencing awe may lead to a wide range of benefits, from happiness and health to perhaps more unexpected benefits such as generosity, humility, and critical thinking"


-Summer Allen

Benefits of bringing mindful awe in the workplace.

• Increased employee productivity

• Build resiliency and decrease anxiety

• Improve focus and concentration

• Boost emotional intelligence and contentment

• Reduce healthcare cost

• Improve communication skills

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